Friday, September 7, 2012

Shelley Moore Capito's Women

Greetings from West Virginia. We're still losing ground here at a good clip in the ongoing Coal War. Big Coal had it's way for a hundred years, but now Big Gas has taken them on. King Gas is a new term that West Virginian's have a hard time saying.

The early war saw unions broken and maimed. That battle never stopped. The environmental front fared no better. With the law on their side, they were positive the horrendous atrocity called Mountaintop Removal would be banned. Nearly twenty years ago, Republican Federal Judge Haden ruled against Coal. He wrote that MTR ruins the water. He scolded for not having post mining plans in place before the first explosions. He pointed to the lack of compliance requiring the mountains being returned to the AOC. That's Approximate Original Contour.

I could go on and on but I'd just be repeating what Ken Ward has been writing in his
Coal Tattoo blog at the Charleston Gazette. It's a must read as he's compiled years and years of information and comments from all sides.

Coal has always won politician's hearts and wallets. Until now. Once scorned as a Wall Street carpetbagger, Senator Jay Rockefeller has stood up. He swiftly kicked Big Coal in the head. Told them to grow up. The Friends of Coal went apoplectic and doubled up their recruitment efforts.

My representative in Congress, Shelley Moore Capito, has stepped up for Coal. All she talks about is Obama's War on Coal. Capito for Congress. Shelley we call her...has a political pedigree unmatched in Meth Virginia. Her father, Arch, was a three time Governor. He was well loved until he went to the slammer. That's another story for later. Shelley only gave Coal part of her efforts in DC this last ten years. Wall Street is her tried and true baby.

She's at the front of the line to replace Spencer Baucus as Chairmen of the House Committee on Financial Services. A regulators dream job. The problem is that Shelley doesn't regulate much, but has learned the rare talent of making lucrative stock trades. More on that later, too.

Shelley has a woman problem at present. While smearing coal dust on her face and wearing that black miner's helmet at the GOP convention, she forgot her biggest fan base. Women have loved Shelley. A Republican in a two to one Democratic state had traditionally no chance of election...for anything. Our State government is packed dark blue. She's looking for her seventh term, but the mist of her former base is evaporating before her very eyes. Choosing coal instead of women was an unexpected political blunder at the highest level.

A fellow named Howard F. Swint is challenging her. Much, much more on Howard later, but you can check in on him and his Howard and Goliath story on his facebook. Howard's facebook
Come back and get your dose of Meth Virgina.

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