Monday, September 13, 2010


Politics is an artform here in Appalachia. Last month, leaders of the Mountain Party held a conference call with me assessing my willingness to place my name on the ballot for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Robert Byrds passing. I was thrilled.

"Can you raise the $1750 filing fee?"...."Sure".
Then, it occured to me that I wasn't talking to the real leader of the Mountain Party, Jesse Johnson, but guys who had never been on the ballot. I mentioned Jesse.

"Are you guys sure Jesse won't be filing?" They assured me Jesse was running on the ballot already...and wanted to be elected to the House before he ran for his third time as Governor in 2012. It was settled..I would file the last day. Just before calling some benefactors for the filing fee, I decided to check the Secretary of State's website. In bold was Jesse. He filed afterall...that dog.

Getting stabbed in the chest is nothing new for me, so I've decided to ditch the Mountain Party. I mentally ditched years ago when the party affiliated with the US Green party. A big mistake. The Mountain Party, with a measly 1000 members, never made the local ballots like we had hoped in the beginning. Ten years is enough.

55 Pies in the Skies will be coming to a ballot near you. Stay tuned.