Monday, July 2, 2012

Tossing Shelley Moore Capito

I've been called rotten names my whole life and since my mother passed on, I've been returning fire. Shelley Moore Capito has been my representative in the U.S. Congress for the last very long twelve years. She was superglued to the George W. Bush coatails and turned West Virginia from dark blue to kind of pink. We still had Senator Robert Byrd bring home multimillions.

Back in 2000, 2012 was a distant uncertainty. I would have bet huge money that Shelley Moore Capito would be a one termer. After all, her dad, former Governor Arch Moore, was sent to the slammer for years. Around West Virginia we just call her Shelley Moore. She likes it. Capito is so Italian.

Italians are highly invisible around here. It's so much easier to drop the vowel and get on with being an American. I bring this up only because I'm an authority. I thought about it, but if go and start dropping vowels I'll be left being Dave R.

I haven't blogged for over a year, and when I did, it was spotty. Who want's to read about Mountaintop Removal when Google is full of it. Who cares about fixed elections in their little hometown? Who really cares that Texas inmate, Keith Judd, came very close to beating President Obama in the Democratic primary. He took ten of our 55 counties.

Our two Democratic leaders, Governor Tomblin and Senator Manchin are not going to the convention and have stated they're not sure if they'll be voting for the President. That's not as important as knowing if they voted for Keith Judd.

I didn't but I should have. I tried to sell Keith on buying Taylor Guitars for his Hollywood music store, Nadine's back in the 70's.

In a little over four months, this blogpost will be finished. Obama will have won...Shelley Moore will have lost and life will be what it is in West Virginia. Wild, Wonderful and full of meth.

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