Monday, October 1, 2012

Capito and Cantor Sittin' in a Tree...K Street Blues

My Congresswoman hasn't been much of one. Shelly Capito, [R-WV 2nd]rode the Bush/Cheney coat tail, but everyone knows her Father, Former West Virginia Governor Arch Moore, paved her golden road. She joined the esteemed Congressional Class of 2000. They were all stars then, and still are. Capito has been a loyal soldier for Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Not so much for West Virginia. Capito and Cantor are predicted to cruise easily back to power. They're relying on Grover Norquist and Karl Rove to tend to the public relations details. But, giving folks an excitingly bland diet of bread and circuses has worn thin. The jig is up. Capito and Cantor abdicated to K Street from the start. Paul Ryan showed them how. Capito and Cantor are finally losing sleep. They're tormented nightly that the secret Democratic breeding labs had finally met success. These new dogs are sky certain light...but immediately shift to RED Their teeth are enormous. Howard Swint and Wayne Powell will walk the back roads of their sweet Appalachia to do the memory of Robert C. Byrd right. "Losing American, Senator?". Bob was a fiddler, so I can understand his pessimism. He would have loved to stick around for this election. Finally, I have to mention Christmas. Every year the Christmas card influx begins with the full color card of Jay Rockefeller's family. I've saved them all. He's the kind of guy you can't buy anything for. I always wanted to surprise him with a present that shocked him. Something he never thought would bring such joy. I will give him two Congressmen to feed. Howard and Wayne will show him how to finally have fun. Here's Howard...Howard Swint Here's Wayne...Wayne Powell This will continue..until November. Come back a lot.

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