Friday, January 9, 2009


Don Blankenship runs Massey Coal. Joe Manchin runs West Virginia. Obama runs the U.S. Coal is facing an uncertain future especially here in West Virginia. I was mentioning that Don needed a PR man, but was told it's Joe who needs one. I agreed with my friend Slim.

Slim gets me every time. After I posted that, I glanced at the TV and saw MoJo doing the exact same "West Virginia Strong" commercial for the millionth time. It's an apologetic pitch to let coal live and live "responsibly".

Why, that's what the environmental extremists have been screaming for years. Deep mining and synfuels are good. Mountaintop removal and valley burials suck. Blankenship knows this and laughs at his bank.

Obama never wrote back nor signed my requested petition to Impeach Don, but I'm holding my breath. Byrd is winding down and Rockefeller is...well...a Rockefeller. I doubt Don is sleeping good since the election.

I think Manchin missed the boat by not confiscating all flattened land that wasn't "Approximate Original Contour" as the law demands. With the state owning [that would be us], real development and infrastructure can be planned and implemented. As it is, Don dynamites and moves on. His insatiable appetite to "run coal" at all costs has burned Arcoma in our brains. The belts were smoking, but coal was running. Two dead. Not much when you look at mining history, but two too many.

So, Slim, you are right again. Joe needs us. "Slim Rao Consults" can be in business by this afternoon. I just need to go to the dollar store for the envelopes.

Slim is my political opposite and we agree all the time. We both think West Virginia should stay as wild as possible and moonscaping the view can't attract much. Wildlife and tourists are our economic future, not out of state Coal.

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